Week 49: Mincemeat

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Makes 6 Jars Mincemeat is the easiest thing to make and is infinitely better than shop bought. It is best made in advance (keeps for months...even years) but you can eat after 2 days of making. Spice up with whatever festive spicing you like and likewise with the alcohol, now is the time to use up your unwanted spirits! You ... Read More

Week 44: Honey Cake

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Serves 10 Last week was 'National Honey' week. A joyous celebration of all things sweet and made by British bees. I am lucky enough to a have a little apiary at the bottom of our garden, supplying our honey needs throughout the year. This is a lovely autumnal cake, you can add a touch of spice to transform it into a ... Read More

Week 23: Pistachio and Apricot Slices

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Makes 16 The first of the summer fruits are making their way into the super markets and farm shops. The heavily apricot opens the season with supreme style; its smooth velvet-like skin and sweet succulent flesh announces that summer is here. So instead of reaching for your favourite red berries why not try the apricot? I promise you won't be disappointed! ... Read More

Week 17: Bakewells for Bex

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Serves 9 Last year summer blessed us with a heavenly crop of raspberries. Nothing beats eating raspberries fresh from the bush, but I like to keep some of the harvest aside to make a special store cupboard item. Making a batch of homegrown raspberry jam preserves that bright summer flavour when the cold weather sets in. Preserving fruits and vegetables ... Read More