Week 42: Pumpkin Macaroni Cheese

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Serves 8 Come Autumn all eyes are on a very spacial patch in our garden, huddled away under a mass of rich green leaves lie the most treasured vegetable in the garden. It has become an annual tradition between my father and God father to see who can grow the largest pumpkin, 'The Great Pumpkin Challenge'. This year we had ... Read More

Week 18: Spatchcock Chicken with Wild Garlic Pesto

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Serves 6 For the first time foragers among you, Wild Garlic is a great place to start. Unlike the illusive mushroom, it is very difficult to harvest the wrong item and if you do you won't die....well hopefully not. Wild Garlic has a few key features which identifies itself among other grassy shrubs. Firstly it has a very strong 'garlicy' aroma, ... Read More