Week 32: Super Scones

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Serves 8 The perfect afternoon tea time treat, serve with fresh seasonal fruits and clotted cream. Best eaten warm from the oven! This recipe makes 8 very large scones, you of course can make smaller scones by rolling thinner and cutting out with a smaller cutter. I like to use yogurt or buttermilk in my scones as I find it ... Read More

Week 25: Apricot Jam

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Makes 5-7 Jars Although we have only just featured an apricot recipe, I procured some beautiful specimens from work and couldn't resist. Apricot jam is the easiest and speediest of the preserves, no fuss with skimming, soaking and scoring. This can easily be rustled up in an evening after work. Home made Apricot Jam graces our table ever Sunday to ... Read More

Week 17: Bakewells for Bex

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Serves 9 Last year summer blessed us with a heavenly crop of raspberries. Nothing beats eating raspberries fresh from the bush, but I like to keep some of the harvest aside to make a special store cupboard item. Making a batch of homegrown raspberry jam preserves that bright summer flavour when the cold weather sets in. Preserving fruits and vegetables ... Read More