Week 25: Apricot Jam

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Makes 5-7 Jars Although we have only just featured an apricot recipe, I procured some beautiful specimens from work and couldn't resist. Apricot jam is the easiest and speediest of the preserves, no fuss with skimming, soaking and scoring. This can easily be rustled up in an evening after work. Home made Apricot Jam graces our table ever Sunday to ... Read More

Week 21: Jersey Royal and Asparagus Frittata

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Serves 4 For Sophie - A true Jersey Royal (but not of the potato kind) Jersey Royals, like Champagne have a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) this means that they are protected by the EU and are only allowed to be grown in Jersey. This is no bad thing as Jersey lends itself to growing these special potatoes, which thrive in the ... Read More

Week 19: Asparagus Cannelloni

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Serves 6 British asparagus is in season May to mid June, whilst it is here, make the most of it. It is a versatile vegetable it makes for a perfect side dish, delicately steamed with a little butter, part of the main dish or griddled and served as a salad.  Asparagus is sweet and fragrant, it matches very well with ... Read More