Week 43: Bouillabaisse

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Serves 4 It is officially the end of our tomatoes,  I thought I would celebrate a wonderful season with this delicious dish of fish. Bouillabaisse is a traditional French recipe, with its origins deriving from a humble stew; it would have been made with scraps of fish from the end of the catch, then stewed away with tomatoes and plenty ... Read More

Week 36: Tomato Ketchup

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Makes 8 Bottles Ketchup, I imagine, can be found in pretty much all store cupboards through out the UK. It can grace the table at every meal, but who needs Heinz when you can make your own? By making a big batch you can keep yourself stocked up thought the year. It is simple, be sure to make it with ... Read More

Week 34: Green Bean & Tomato Salad

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Serves 6 Runner beans are one of my favourite summer vegetables, as soon as we hit August we have an abundance growing in the vegetable patch. When I was small my best friend Melissa and I would pick them off the vine and over indulge, so I have fond memories of the runner bean! They really are best steamed with ... Read More

Week 12: Smokey Haricot Baked Beans

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One of our family favourites is my Dads recipe for homemade baked beans. Although we are partial to a tin of Heinz nothing beats a batch of smoky beans. Although you have to start on these the night before it is a really straight forward recipe and well worth that extra bit of effort. They make for a delicious brunch with a poached egg or keeping it classic on a jacket potato or on toast.