Week 49: Mincemeat

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Makes 6 Jars Mincemeat is the easiest thing to make and is infinitely better than shop bought. It is best made in advance (keeps for months...even years) but you can eat after 2 days of making. Spice up with whatever festive spicing you like and likewise with the alcohol, now is the time to use up your unwanted spirits! You ... Read More

Week 48: Sticky Toffee Pudding

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Serves 6 Mmmmmm.....What could be more delicious, deep and decadent than a sticky toffee pudding. With this dessert there is no holding back, you have to submit to the fact that this is calorific heaven, don't try and substitute it with low fat options, it is not worth it. Dates feature alongside the usual dried fruit Christmas fair and are ... Read More

Week 13: Simnel Cake

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After what has seemed like months of chocolate fasting the end is finally in sight…..woohoo! Easter cannot come soon enough, so well done all of you have abstained from biscuits, cakes, sweets and chocolate. Here is a delicious Easter treat to congratulate your selves on just being so good!