Week 28: Strawberry Trifles

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Serves 4

This is another summer party classic, I have served them up in little Kilner jars just for fun, but you can of course just make one large trifle. This dessert is all about layers and textures, each component is essential to make the perfect trifle.

First the base, I have used the traditional Ladies Finger/Boudoir Biscuits; in the past I have made my own sponge, but I find that the biscuits give a better texture. It very important that these are cover and soaked in liquid, most commonly sherry is use, but again make it your own- if it is for children you can soak in a berry fruit juice.

You can of course buy your custard, but it is best home made. The custard adds a smooth, rich decadence to this dish, tying all the elements together.

Feel free to use whatever fruit you like, I have opted for the strawberry, but mixed berries work very well, or you could go wild and use exotic fruits (mango, passionfruit, kiwi.)

Finally garnish with light whipped cream to seal in the treasures beneath!



4 Egg Yolks

300ml Milk

200ml Double Cream

20g Sugar

1 Tsp Vanilla Paste of De Seeded Vanilla Pod


250ml Double Cream

400g Strawberries

4 Tbsp Strawberry Jam

3 Tbsp Berry Liquor (Chambord) or Sherry)

4 Trifle Sponges



1. Gently bring the milk and cream to the simmer

2. Whisk the egg yolks and sugar together, then incorporate the hot milk and cream

3. Return to to the pan, add the vanilla and on a very low heat, stir the custard mix until thick.

4. Pour into a bowl and leave to cool



1. Hull and cut the strawberries into quarters

2. Mix the jam and sherry together

3. Place the trifle sponges in the bottom of the jars, spoon over the jam mixture. The sponges need to be soaked in the liquid, so if necessary add more liqueur.

4. Next add a layer of strawberries, pressing down into the sponge

5. Spoon over the custard

6. Finally top with the cream

7. Leave in the fridge for at least 1 hour before serving

8. Garnish with diced strawberries of toasted almonds