Week 29: Caro’s Cassis

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4-6 Bottles

This recipe is credited to my great friend Caroline, she was brewing up a batch on my last visit to her home and I couldn’t resist steeling the recipe. Any pick your own will have blackcurrants in abundance, and they are very reasonable. Any home made liqueur makes for an ideal Christmas present, and will add much merriment to any festive occasion. Add a measure to your Champagne for a Kir Royal!

We have various berry fruits growing in our fruit cage; raspberries, gooseberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants. Blackcurrants are relatively unsung, but have a wonderfully aromatic flavor and can be put to good use in various recipes. Unlike strawberries and raspberries you wouldn’t really want to nibble on these; they are fairly sharp with a slight tannin which leaves your mouth dry, so when cooking you do need to add sweetness.


1 Kg Blackcurrants

1 Ltrs Red Wine

1 Kg Sugar

700ml Vodka


1. Wash the blackcurrants

2. Soak the blackcurrants in the Red Wine, cover and leave for 2 days

3. Blend to make a puree, then place in a muslin and hang over a bowl until all the liquid has passed through, this can take up to 12 hours

4. Place the liquid in a pan with the sugar bring to a very gentle simmer, leave the lid off and continue to heat for 2 hours

5. Pour in the vodka and decant into glass bottles

6. This will keep in a dry, dark cupboard for 1 year