Week 49: Mincemeat

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Makes 6 Jars
Mincemeat is the easiest thing to make and is infinitely better than shop bought. It is best made in advance (keeps for months…even years) but you can eat after 2 days of making. Spice up with whatever festive spicing you like and likewise with the alcohol, now is the time to use up your unwanted spirits!
You can use mincemeat in all number of dishes, it is not just for mince pies. For an easy dish, core a dessert apple and fill in the middle with mincemeat, add a cube of butter on the top and sprinkle over with demerara, bake for 20 minutes in a hot oven and cover with foil.
I cannot lay claim to this recipe, this is taken from our Good House Keeping Book. My Dad has written each year he has made it starting from 1982, with over 33 years of use, it has stood the test of time.


120g Currants
120g Raisins
120g Sultanas
60g Glace Cherries
60g Almonds
60g Walnuts
60g Grated Apple
120g Suet
240g Demerara Sugar
1 Tsp Mixed Spice
6 Tbsp Brandy


1. Roughly chop the nuts
2. Carefully weigh all ingredients
3. Place all the dry ingredients in a bowl, mix well then add the alcohol
4. Decant into sterilised jars

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